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Joanna & Thomas

Joanna thomas The Rabbit Hotel

The Happy Couple

Tell us a little about how you met & talk us through the proposal

Thomas and Joanna met in London back in 2014 when working in the Savoy Theatre. Thomas was passing through in the middle of a midlife crisis, and Joanna was hard at work minding her own business, little did we know then but the show we were working on would influence the wedding venue we would get married at 8 years later. After a what could be described as a summer fling, and Thomas moving away to work somewhere else, we kept in touch and spent the best part of 5 years long distance before settling in Northern Ireland, so it was a good while before the proposal (in Joanna's opinion) but after a lovely snowy walk in Hillsborough Forest Park, Thomas had the ring in his pocket, bearing in mind at this point he had chickened out of asking the parents for permission. Turns out he would also chicken out on asking Joanna to marry him on the walk too, so he asked her later on that evening in bed, before the clock struck midnight, so he didn't have to ask Joanna on her birthday. 

Your Day, Your Way


Karen the celebrant was our celebrant for a humanist ceremony on site at The Rabbit. Karen gave us the most wonderful personal experience and shared our story to family and friends before a hand fastening where we literally tied the knot. A fun highlight was when the best man left the vows in the car and had to make a dash to the car park. 

What made you choose The Loft to host your day?

We saw The Loft as it was just starting to be a venue for weddings. We were shown around by Jemma and the venue was beautiful. From the moment we entered the doors we could feel it was a place we wanted our special day, but what sealed the deal was when we saw a painting of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, it was the show we met on when working in the Savoy Theatre, we took that as a sign this was the venue for us. 

Favourite memory of your Wedding 

To pick a favourite moment from the wedding is a difficult choice and I'm sure it'll be diferent for the both of us. For Thomas, it was the food and getting a bloody good ripping into by the best man with his speech, oh and obviously getting to marry Joanna. For Joanna, apart from finally getting to marry Tom, was having all our friends and family together after covid and the moment we entered the reception room as a married couple, feeling all the love and joy throughout the whole room and feeling like a bit of a celeb. 

Shout Out To The Dream Team 


Hands Bakery


Sage & Meadow


The Reilly's - Drinks Reception

Dave Martin & the Casino Cats - Evening Entertainment


Lifting The Veil


Wheatfield Films

Wedding Dress & Accessories

Jill Jones Bridal - Wedding Dress

Silk Purse Sow's Ear - Accessories

Bridesmaids Dresses



The Belfast Bow Company

Vintage Suit Hire Company

The Glam Squad


Tara Doran


Hair Matters NI


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