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Heather & Martin

- Posted on: 28/09/2021 - Heather  martin  websize www.rabbithotel.com_v2

Image credit: Colin Colleran Photography

The Happy Couple

Tell us a little about how you met

We first met through a mutual friend at a Blue Jays Game in Toronto. We spent the entire game chatting as I shared my “expert” facts about Baseball with Marty. Marty was too polite to question when I told him that the bases were 100m apart from each other (they are 30m). In his head he was wondering how it was possible that a baseball player was out running track athletes multiple times during the game.

Talk us through the proposal

Marty and I were in Italy for a friend's wedding in Siena and following the wedding we travelled to Cinque Terre just the two of us. On a particularly hot day we hiked from Vernazza to Monterosso about a 3 hour hike. Marty was hoping to propose along the trail with the ring stored in his pocket the entire time but the narrow trail did not allow for a stop. When we arrived in Monterosso my hands were so swollen from hiking Marty suggested a dip in the water in hopes my hands would go back to their normal size. After our swim we walked up to the top of the town where he proposed on a beautiful trail overlooking the ocean. I was so shocked I yelled no way then quickly said yes!!

Your Day, Your Way


The Ceremony was held at Marty’s parish Mary Mother of the Church in Saintfield. I walked down the aisle to Inisheer a special song to us. We first heard Inisheer at a pub in Greystones where all the locals were playing it. One of the men got talking to us and at the end of the night said when you two get married (we weren't engaged yet) you should walk down the aisle to Inisheer. We have loved it ever since!!

What made you choose The Loft to host your day?

We were planning our wedding internationally from Canada and after our wedding was cancelled twice due to COVID we were seeking a new venue when it became too complicated to have a wedding in the south and ceremony in the North. Marty’s sister drove past the Loft and stopped in to inquire after hearing about the venue. When we looked online we immediately fell in love with it. The greenery and décor was exactly what we were looking for. We loved the idea that we wouldn’t have to decorate the room and the packages included everything we needed.

Favourite memory of your Wedding

We honestly have so many it is so hard to choose. One of our favourites was the Cocktail reception at the Loft. When guests arrived they were blown away by the beauty of the venue and greeted with Aperol Spritz, Beer Buckets & Prosecco. Stephen grabbed us when we first arrived and walked us through the evening so that we knew exactly what was happening and when. That relieved any stress we had and were able to enjoy every aspect of the evening without thinking about anything!!

How was your Loft wedding planner?

Maureen was INCREDIBLE!! Planning a wedding internationally is not easy but with Maureen and the team at the Loft they made it a breeze. Maureen helped us plan the wedding in a little over 6 weeks and it was perfect!!

On the day of Stephen made us feel like royalty. The service was above and beyond. All of our friends and family were blown away by the venue and the service.

Top Tips

Enjoy the day! The Loft’s staff does an amazing job making sure everything and everyone is looked after which relieves so much stress. We were able to enjoy every moment of the day without a worry in the world.

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